Bulk Verification Embed Guide


This guide will show you how you can iframe PostGrid's bulk verification tool into your own websites. Note that this is a beta feature. Please contact [email protected] to request access to the feature.

Creating an Embed Secret

Once the feature has been enabled for your organization, you can log into the PostGrid address verification dashboard and head to the profile page. At the bottom of this page, you should see a section that lets you create your embed secret:

Embed Secrets Section

Embed Secrets Section

Clicking on Create New Secret should result in a secret and user ID becoming available for you to show and then copy.

Currently Active Secret

Currently Active Secret

Once you've created this secret, you can click on the Copy URL button to get a link to the bulk verification embed page.

This link can then be set as the src attribute on an iframe tag.

Configuring your embedded integration

You can configure your integration by supplying query parameters in your iframe link. The following table displays all possible configuration options.

Query ParameterDescriptionTypeDefault
hideChatHides the PostGrid support chat boxbooleanfalse
hideInternationalVerificationHides the option of performing international verification for bulk listsbooleanfalse

To customize your configuration, supply the desired configuration options along with your id and secret in the iframe URL you copied earlier. The following is an example configuration which hides the support chat box: https://app.postgrid.com/embed/bulk_verify?id={YOUR USER ID HERE}&secret={YOUR EMBED SECRET HERE}&hideChat=true.



You must omit the curly braces in-place for your actual user ID and embed secret. If you are unsure about your user ID and embedded secret, you can find out on your profile page.

Retiring embed secrets

In the event that you would like to rotate or remove your embed secret, you can click the "Retire" button under your embed secret in your profile page. This will disable all existing frames using this secret.