Carrier Tracking

Get detailed tracking information about orders sent via certified/registered mail or express via USPS.

Whenever you send an order (such as a letter or check) with additional services like Certified Mail, PostGrid assigns a tracking number to it. This is visible on the dashboard under ‘Raw Data’ in the trackingNumber field. Once the trackingNumber is assigned, PostGrid provides updates from the carrier about the order's detailed tracking status. We update this tracking information hourly, allowing you to determine the exact delivery status of the order, as reported by the carrier.

PostGrid will automatically display the latest carrier tracking status on the order details page. The tracking status will continue to change in the third part or section 3.

Here are the tracking values that will be displayed:

Address CorrectionThe destination address of this order was corrected.
Arrived at DestinationThe order has arrived at its destination.
Arrived at FacilityThe order has arrived at the carrier's facility.
Arrived at Pickup LocationThe order has arrived at the carrier's pickup location.
Awaiting InformationThe delivery of the order is pending further info.
CancelledThe delivery of this order has been cancelled.
DamagedThis order was damaged in transit.
DelayedThe delivery of this order has been delayed.
Delivery ExceptionDelivery of the order is temporarily delayed due to unavoidable circumstances.
Departed FacilityThe order has departed the carrier's facility.
Departed Origin FacilityThe order has departed its origin facility.
ExpiredThe tracking of this shipment has expired.
FailureThe order failed to be delivered.
HeldThe order is being held by the carrier.
In TransitThe order is on its way to the destination.
Label CreatedA shipping label has been created for this order.
LostThe order was lost by the carrier. Contact the carrier to follow up.
MissortedThe order was sent to the wrong facility and will be rerouted.
Out for DeliveryThe order has left its final facility and is going to be delivered soon.
Received at Destination FacilityThe order has been received at the facility closest to its destination.
Received at Origin FacilityThe order has been received at its origin facility.
RefusedThe consignee of the order refused to receive it. Contact the recipient and resend your order.
ReturnThe order has been returned.
Transferred to Destination CarrierThe order has been handed off to a carrier near the destination.
Transit ExceptionAn unanticipated delay has occurred in the delivery of your order.
UnknownContact the carrier.
Weather DelayThe delivery of your order has been delayed due to weather concerns.

NOTE: This feature is currently in beta, and the schema of the responses discussed here may change. Additionally, this feature is only available upon request. Please contact our sales team at [email protected] for pricing information, and [email protected] to enable this feature for your account.